Demystifying "Super Greens": which one is right for you?

Demystifying "Super Greens": which one is right for you?

When you think of super greens, do images of kale, spinach, and other greens pop into your mind? While kale and spinach are undeniably delicious, nutritious, and everything in-between, they are not a member of the elite super green family.

So what exactly are super greens? Barley grass, wheatgrass, spirulina, chlorella, and blue-green algae.

You may have seen these names listed as ingredients for smoothies at various healthy, all-natural juice bars, and wondered what they were and how they could possibly mix into a smoothie? It turns out that small doses of these grasses and microalgae can do supernatural things for your body!

Want to know which super green is right for you? Keep scrolling for a detailed description of the superpowers that help to mount each super green to a renowned, heroic status!

How can spirulina improve your health?

Let’s begin with this fact: The UN and World Health Organisation, have proclaimed Spirulina to be the richest, most complete nutrient “whole food” source in the world.

This magnificent super green comes packed with beta carotene, which our body transforms in vitamin A, ultimately helping our skin, eyes, and immune system! You may be under the impression that carrots contain the most beta carotene, but the beta carotene content in spirulina is 25 times higher than the orange vegetable.

If you are vegetarian or vegan, you may want to add more spirulina into your diet. The term ‘super green’ may trick you into thinking that spirulina contains little to no protein, but the potent super green has “12 times more bio-available protein than steak.” Spirulina is comprised of 60% protein, whereas protein only makes up 27% of meat!

The super green contains a plethora of vitamins (11), has an abundance of minerals (10), and 18 amino acids!

Now, you may be wondering where you can possibly find this supernatural, nutritious food? We suggest trying out Lifestream Spirulina Balance 500g Powder! You can add this powder to smoothies for the ultimate combination of nutrition or if capsules are more your style, you can take a look at Lifestream Spirulina Balance 200 Capsules.



How can chlorella protect your body?

Chlorella can thank chlorophyll for its super green status! You can find chlorophyll in a majority of green vegetables, but their content of chlorophyll is little in comparison to chlorella. Chlorophyll makes up three to five per cent of chlorella and around 0.5 per cent of other vegetables.

Chlorella, with the help of its potent sidekick, chlorophyll, works to detoxify and eliminate metals from your body. The super greens’ high-fibre content promotes digestion!

As you age, the amount of nucleic acid in your body decreases, but chlorella can help to replenish your stock of nucleic acid, thanks to its “high levels of RNA and DNA”. Increased levels of RNA and DAN may decrease the common factors that often accompany ageing.  

If you want to add this cleansing, anti-ageing super green to your daily diet, you may want to check out Synergy Natural Chlorella Powder. This powder boosts of chlorella’s greatest benefits - it is a rich source of iron, contains a high number of antioxidants, has anti-ageing properties, and the list goes on! You can add this powder to smoothies or raw treats for the ultimate health boost.

If you prefer tablets over powder, you can check out Synergy Natural Organic Chlorella Tablets. This product holds the same nutritional value as the chlorella powder listed above!


What’s so special about blue-green algae?

The term ‘algae’ may throw you off, but we can ensure you that blue-green algae contain health benefits just like spirulina and chlorella, which we may add, are also members of the algae family - they are microalgae!

Blue-green algae come from a stunning, expansive fresh body of water in Oregon - Klamath Lake. Blue-green algae may not be as popular or known as spirulina and chlorella, but several tribes and healers recognised the potent properties of blue-green algae centuries ago. However, nowadays more health experts have taken the time to research and bring the Klamath alga’s properties to light!

Blue-green algae have anti-bacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. It can’t get much better than that, can it? The powerful blue-green alga also has a plethora of vitamins, such as vitamins E, C, K, and B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 and B12. 

And, the anti-bacterial, rich in vitamin super green also contains “DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) which are different forms of omega--3 fatty acids. DHA and ALA help to target injured areas with immune cells.”

Would you like to add blue-green algae to your daily diet? If so, you can opt to check out  The Synergy Company Pure Klamath Crystals 90g Powder!


How do wheatgrass and barley grass exercise their superpowers?

If you are a celiac, you may want to exercise caution when consuming wheatgrass or barley grass.

Some health experts declare that “Wheatgrass is made out of the stem and grass leaves, and since gluten is found only in the kernel of the seed, wheatgrass is normally gluten-free. If any of the seed is accidentally included in the product, however, it can become contaminated with gluten.” The same goes for barley grass. We strongly recommend researching before consuming!

From antioxidants, chlorophyll, to B vitamins, barley grass and wheatgrass contain a wide range of noteworthy benefits! Their immense source of fibre helps to keep the digestive tract clean, while also supporting the “circulatory system in the gut.” And when your gut is healthy, your brain and skin may reap the benefits, too!

Wheatgrass and barley grass can also help your body find its pH homeostasis, also known as alkaline.

If you want your body to reach an alkaline balance, you may want to consider purchasing Lifestream Organic Barley Grass 100g Powder or Lifestream Organic Barley Grass 120 Capsules.


If you want to support your bowels and grow healthy flora in your intestine, Lifestream Organic Wheat Grass 100g Powder may be for you! This New Zealand grown, certified organic powder contains 39% pure gluten-free fibre. You can also check out Lifestream Organic Wheat Grass 120 Capsules!

demystifying-super-greens-lifestream-organic-wheat-grass-powder-nutrimarketSuper greens are true superheroes! They can save, protect, and improve your body. Ready to start your super greens adventure?


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