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About us

It all started over 37 years ago with a man and a monk and one man’s mission to spread the word about Spirulina!

We’ve come a long way since those humble days in 1979. We are still based in the rolling hills of the South West with two offices now and a much larger warehouse! We are still independently owned and continue to source some of the most popular healthy brands from all over the world - our product range has just grown somewhat!


One beautiful sunny day in 1979 our founder Sam was working in his Midhurst workshop making roof tiles when a local monk dropped by. It soon became evident that they both had an interest in natural healing and the monk shared that he fasted regularly for as long as ten days at a time relying only on water and a little ‘spirulina’ which he said was a wonder-food.

This pricked Sam’s interest so he purchased some spirulina from the USA and quickly became an advocate of this fresh water microalgae. He was convinced everyone should know about and use it so he started selling small amounts through friends and family with demand growing steadily each year.

In the USA it was hailed as a slimming aid and natural appetite suppressant so when a leading British newspaper sang its praises, sacks of mail orders arrived on Sam’s doorstep (he didn’t even have a phone in those days and the computer age was still to come!).


Sam receives a Lifestream brochure from his brother living in New Zealand. Lifestream were market leaders in spirulina and also produced premium aloe vera juice. Sam contacts Lifestream to request representation of the brand in the UK.


Lifestream Research UK is founded by Sam and he becomes the British importer. A warehouse is rented in West Sussex and three staff members employed.


Aloe99 and The Synergy Company are added to our brand portfolio.

2005 - 2009

A new business partner (Brian) joins us and our trading name is changed to Xynergy Health Products.

We start importing Dr Red from Australia, then TV Doctor Dr Chris Steele goes public with his prostate cancer diagnosis, putting his remission down to Dr Red Blueberry Punch! As a result, sales go through the roof!

Pukka Herbs is founded and chooses Xynergy for distribution.

One of Australia’s leading green superfood brands Synergy Natural joins our exclusive brands.


We say goodbye to Sam. 

Our original founder chooses to retire and Soo, the sales director joins the company as a partner.

Dr Red ceases to manufacture in Australia so Brian and Soo manufacture a replacement, Sapphire Health Blueberry Shots.


Brian retires and Peter, the owner of Synergy Natural joins the company. Peter has worked in the Australian natural health industry since the 1980’s and is a Naturopath and Ayurvedic medicine practitioner.

Sunwarrior from the USA joins our exclusive brands.


Exclusive brands Beyond Pure and zk’in certified organic skincare are introduced.


Exclusive brand The Carob Kitchen is introduced. Soo leaves the company to join Sunwarrior.


A very busy year indeed! Five existing imported brands; Lifestream, Australian Bush Flower Essences, Qsilica, Watson & Son and Kiwiherb are added to the line-up. We expand into a larger office and warehouse in the beautiful countryside of the Cotswolds near Cirencester.

A long overdue upgrade of the Xynergy Health website is undertaken with a name change to Nutrimarket.

Our Philosophy

Utilizing natural and organic health products in our diet and lifestyle gives us a chance to take control of our health and well-being. But these days there are so many products to choose from and so many places to shop. Opinions about what is good for you often conflict and vary. How do you know you are buying the genuine article? We take away that worry. Our professionally qualified team at Nutrimarket do the checking, then buy directly from the manufacturer to ensure quality and authenticity. We select products we believe support health and well-being but we are very aware that everybody has their own views so to make your shopping experience with us easier, we share everything we know about our chosen brands and ensure every product has fully transparent ingredients. We even share our customer testimonials with you!