How Tomato Sauce Can Boost Your Gut Gealth

How Tomato Sauce Can Boost Your Gut Gealth

Are you someone who enjoys eating a delicious plate of pasta with flavourful tomato sauce? Recent research shows that tomatoes carry many, many benefits, and fair warning, once you’ve finished reading this, you may be inspired to cook up a massive bowl of pasta with tasty tomato sauce!

A new study from the Universitat Politècnica de València has found that cooked tomato sauce actually helps to improve the activity of probiotics in the gut.

Tomatoes contain nutrients that highly benefit our overall gut health. The juicy, red fruit is a hub for probiotics. Once we consume tomato sauce (or other meals with organic tomato ingredients), the microbes increase exponentially in our body. A higher number of microbes in our gut may result in fewer allergies, reduced inflammation, and happier moods - just to name a few!

The main probiotic attached to tomatoes is Lactobacillus reuteri (L. reuteri), which helps with arthritis, some heart conditions, and even our teeth!

Another important health benefit of tomatoes is that it contains the powerful antioxidant lycopene. This antioxidant plays a significant role in our bodies, starting from fighting off pesticides (one being a pesticide that targets the adrenal cortex, thus negatively impacting how we respond to stress), to targeting monosodium glutamate (MSG), to treating our bodies when they have candidiasis (yeast infections), to helping to prevent cancer, and much more!

It is easy to see how tomatoes work to improve our gut and overall health. However, to reap the benefits of the red wonder, it is vital to purchase organic tomatoes. Non-organic tomatoes are sprayed with pesticides that are damaging and work to throw off the microbe balance in the gut.

Consuming both raw and cooked tomatoes is beneficial. Cooked tomatoes release a higher amount of L. reuteri into the body, which must be great news for all the pasta and tomato sauce lovers!

For those who cook up pasta dishes often, it is essential to mix the tomato sauce with either whole grain, gluten-free (whole grain, quinoa or brown rice), or vegetable-made noodles, as noodles made from white flour send harmful, destructive bacteria into our bodies.

Research shows that gut health is tied to a growing number of ailments and illness, therefore it is essential to consume foods, like tomatoes, which help to protect our bodies from feeling unwell. Now, let’s go make some tomato sauce!

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There are different ways to fry tomatoes, but each of them will require the hostess to spend row hours in the kitchen, so this yavstvo is usually better correct do on weekends or for special occasions. When tomatoes are roasted, they get a deep taste and are combined with seafood, antipasto and other roasted vegetables. Moreover, they are perfectly suitable for use in the baking industry, in making bread or cake with custard.


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