7 Reasons Why Wellness Experts Love Chlorella and Spirulina

7 Reasons Why Wellness Experts Love Chlorella and Spirulina

Spirulina is one of healthiest foods on earth. Called by Dr Axe "absurdly healthy but often overlooked or misunderstood", the blue-green algae has almost 1,200 peer-reviewed scientific articles proving its benefits to its name - impressive! 

Its cousin, chlorella exists since the beginning, but because of its tiny size, it hasn't been identified until 1890.  Research has been continuously emerging about its benefits, leading it to a status of a superfood star. And wellness experts and enthusiasts are taking notice. Here’s why top wellness experts admire chlorella and spirulina - and you should too!

Anti-ageing power

Face the World is a company specialising in premium, ethical beauty. Their mission is in line with ours in so many ways as their products and practices are paraben-free, SLS-free, cruelty-free, ethically-sourced and do not contain animal products - this is a standard the whole beauty industry should aspire too. That’s why when these ethical beauty experts talk about skincare secrets, we listen. And they are raving about chlorella!

“There’s simply no stopping this wonder of nature!” - says Jenny Lane, who’s a wellness coach associated with the company.

She pointed out that chlorella has an ability to protect collagen and elastin, firm and tone the skin, regulate microcirculation and reduce the effects of ageing.

Boost immunity naturally 

For Gloria Halim, a Holistic Health Coach, it took a breast cancer diagnosis to realise that she was unhealthy, stressed out and suffered from hormonal imbalance. Today, she specialises in women’s health and wellness, helping busy, professional, entrepreneurial women overcome fatigue, stress and anxiety and make the best health and lifestyle choices.

One of the benefits of chlorella she values is immune system support. “Chlorella accelerates the recovery of developing immune system cells” - she explains. Chlorella can restore the population of mature white blood cells. This is, of course, critical for the health of those with low or suppressed immune systems, which can occur as a result of chronic long-term illness or chemotherapy.

Allergy cure

Histamine is released to help fight infections, regulate hormones, keep us awake and regulate the digestive system. Some people release too much of it, which cause Antihistamine pills are known to relieve the symptoms of allergy, but they can be found in food, too! “Having given up antihistamines last year, my focus has shifted to eating them!” - Says Yasmina Ykelenstam, The Low Histamine Chef. She is a long-time fan of chlorella and spirulina, as they prevent mast cells from releasing histamine. Their value is enhanced by anti-inflammatory properties.

Feel nourished, not just full 

Medea Juhasz turned to nature after her self-destructive lifestyle left her with “liver damage, digestive issues, ulcers, a weak immune system, allergies and reoccurring sinus infections”. Now, as a wellness entrepreneur, she noted how replacing “empty calories” with “miraculous superfoods like chlorella and spirulina ” help the body to feel vitalized and nourished - not just full - and as a result, decrease sugar cravings. “Superfoods literally can help to change your palate so you can start craving all the healthy stuff” - says Medea.

Hangover remedy

Nikki Sharp is a model-turned-wellness-expert who has a bold and fun approach to health. One benefit of green superfoods she’s fond of? Hangover cure! She recommends a green smoothie with chlorella the next morning to avoid dehydration and balance blood sugar levels. While we’d rather recommend moderation in the first place, having a natural solution when a weekend gets out of hand is definitely useful!

"A sweet treat without the guilt"

That's true, one wouldn't associate chlorella or spirulina with a decadent treat... but the creativity of wellness bloggers has no limits. 

This creative recipe by Madeleine Shaw is paleo-friendly,  gluten free, doesn't require baking and makes a perfect,  easy power snack. Try making these spirulina energy balls at home to enjoy all of the superfood benefits of spirulina, while significantly enhancing its taste thanks to lovely, natural ingredients such as the dates and cinnamon. The result is a sweet, but still very healthy treat.

The only supplement for active people

Lela London is a travel, fashion and lifestyle blog by a British-American presenter and globetrotter. Lela jet-sets around the globe, delivering her take on destinations from Mexico to Slovenia. As an active person who travels frequently, she chose one superfood supplement - Super Green by Synergy Natural - which combines the power of Spirulina, Chlorella, Barley Grass and Wheat Grass in 100% pure, organic tablets. “I am currently taking no other vitamins or supplements and feeling wonderful” - she said.  

Are you convinced yet? If you're ready to include this powerful supergreens in your daily routine, check out our range of organic, 100% pure green superfoods by Synergy Natural. Try Synergy Natural Super Greens, named "completely priceless when it comes to one’s health and wellbeing" by Life & Soul Magazine.

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