Healing foods? Spirulina added to hospital patients' diets

Healing foods? Spirulina added to hospital patients' diets

Contagious diseases can be difficult to prevent, especially when thirty students are sitting in a confined classroom and one has the seasonal flu, or in cities with a large population - the infectious illness can spread like wildfire. However, the Sewri Tuberculosis hospital in Mumbai (formerly known as ‘Bombay’) is looking to natural resources to heal patients suffering from tuberculosis (TB) - the disease that typically infiltrates the lungs and is easily spreadable by sneezing, coughing, and even talking.

The natural resource they will add to their patients' healing regime is the superfood, spirulina. The potent blue-green alga lives in salt water and fresh water, and reportingly, a spoonful of dried spirulina powder contains four grams of protein, as well as vitamin B1, B2, and B3, and iron and copper.

The hospital in Mumbai expressed their concerns over their patients’ inability to maintain a proper diet because TB makes it tough to chew and swallow food, so they have opted to feed their patients’ spirulina in liquid form. This way those with TB can consume a decent amount of nutrients, which may help to quicken the healing process!

The authorities hope to provide the hospital with an artificial pond that will grow the potent, remedial superfood, spirulina. Dr Ande confirms the potency of spirulina, “Just two-three spoons of spirulina every day will be sufficient to make [TB patients] stand on their feet again. To keep a body healthy there should sufficient intake of vitamins, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium and manganese. The intake of spirulina strengthens the immune system of TB patients, which helps the body fight the disease”. Let's hope the city approves of their proposal for an artificial pond that will grow the superfood! 

Spirulina targets many areas of the body; it can help balance your weight and boost your energy. The powerful superfood is rich in iron, which helps to aid in cognitive function, and iron helps to spread oxygen around the body. The blue-green alga is abundant in Earth’s nutrients, and scientists proudly proclaim that spirulina will help to elevate and better your overall wellbeing!

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