The Synergy Company Vita Min Herb Multi for Women 120 Tablets


    The Synergy Company Vita Min Herb® For Women


    Vita Min Herb for Women was specifically designed to nourish and balance the natural rhythms of a woman's body and help enhance luminous health and natural radiance of women of all ages.



    Health Benefits of The Synergy Company Vita Min Herb For Women


    • Deeply nourishes and restores the body.
    • Creates balanced, sustained energy helping you feel calm, yet full of life.
    • Promotes sustained energy, helping you feel calm yet energetic every day.
    • Balances natural hormonal cycles, particularly in times of transition.
    • Nourishes strong and glowing complexion, skin and nails.
    • Supports mental clarity, energy and focus.
    • Provides targeted support for the body's essential organs and systems, including brain, heart, immune system and digestion.


    The Power of Natural Ingredients


    The Synergy Company most complete whole food multivitamin for women is made with pure and healthful organic vegetables, fruits, and concentrated SuperPure® herbal extracts. Vita Min Herb for Women is a supreme wholesome formula, skilfully composed to restore hormonal balance, reclaim natural energy, and sustain true wellness. Vita Min Herb compliments the well-being of women of all ages.


    Why choose Vita Min Herb for Women?


    • 25+ herbs and extracts (up to 50-100x the quantities and potencies other companies use!).
    • Enzymes and probiotics included improving bioavailability.
    • Contains Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, Vitamins A & E, and more.
    • Includes naturally occurring beneficial amino acids, proteins, antioxidants, and phytonutrients.


    Vita Min Herb for Women eliminates the uncertainty of selecting the right women's multivitamin - the nutrition-packed, all-encompassing formula has been created to support women of all ages at every stage of life. Unlike other supplements, Vita Min Herb combines only high-quality ingredients in genuinely significant amounts - no trace amounts of low-quality powders - every extract is specifically selected for its unique properties.
  • Women’s Energy & Hormonal Balance - Chaste Tree Berry* (100 mg), Shatavari Root* (75 mg), Rhodiola* (75mg), Wild Yam Root* (50 mg), Ashwaganda Root*(50 mg), Eleuthero Root* (50 mg), Licorice Root* (25 mg). Women’s Heart Health - Hawthorn Berry* (75 mg), Bioflavonoids (70 mg), Motherwort Aerial* (50 mg), Sacred Lotus Seed* (25 mg). Women’s Immune Protection - Astragalus Root* (125 mg), Eleuthero Root* (40 mg), Holy Basil Leaf* (25 mg), Turmeric (Curcumin) Rhizome* (25 mg) Women’s Digestive Ease - Gum Acacia* (150 mg), Triphala Fruits* (25 mg): Amla*, Terminalia bellerica (Bibhitake)*, Terminalia chebula (Haritake)*; Ginger Rhizome* (12.5 mg), Pippali (Piper longum) Fruit* (5 mg), Tangerine Peel* (5 mg), Black Pepper Fruit* (2.5 mg). Women’s Mind & Brain Support - Bacopa monnieri (Brahmi) Leaf* (50 mg), Gotu Kola Aerial* (25 mg), Turmeric (Curcumin) Rhizome* (25 mg). Women’s Flower & Spice Essences - Barley Grass*, Fennel Seed*, Calendula Flower*, Lavender Flower*, Passion Flower*, St. John’s Flower*, Chamomile flower*, Rose Flower*, Saffron*, Cardamom Seed*, Chrysanthemum Flower*, Honeysuckle Flower*, Rosemary Leaf*, Clove Bud*, Sage Leaf* Other Ingredients: Organic vegetable tablet coating. Contains Organic fermented soy. * Certified organic.
  • 4 tablets per day (2 in the morning; 2 in the afternoon) with or without meals.

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