The Synergy Company Matcha Power 90 Capsules

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    The Synergy Company Organic Matcha Power®


    Organic Matcha Power is the rarest and the most beneficial form of Japanese green tea. Experience one of the planets' healthiest superfoods, known as "Elixir of Immortality" for hundreds of years.


    Health Benefits of The Synergy Company Organic Matcha Power Tea


    • Enhances concentration, productivity and promotes focus.
    • Provides a natural, balanced energy boost for 4+ hours.
    • Gently helps you gain a sense of awareness and alertness.
    • Supports healthy metabolism and aids in weight management.
    • Promotes healthy ageing thanks to high antioxidant content (catechins and EGCG).
    • Contains a special natural amino acid called theanine which supports stress relief and gentle relaxation.


    The "Unmatchable" Organic Matcha


    The Synergy Company Organic Matcha Power is created following the principles of a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony: respect, tranquillity, harmony and purity. The Synergy Company Matcha Power is traditionally grown and harvested, resulting in the top 1% of the purest in the world. This level of purity and quality is usually reserved for ceremonial use in Japan, but now, it is available in your home.


    Why choose The Synergy Company Organic Matcha Power?


    • A unique combination of phytonutrients, caffeine, L-theanine supports focus and productivity for 4+ hours.
    • Unlike caffeine and other supplements, Organic Matcha Power® provides clean and calm energy and alertness without unnecessary stress, energy spikes and jitters.
    • Only certified organic, 100% Japanese Ceremonial Matcha. 10x the antioxidants compared to top superfoods and traditional teas.
    • Certified Organic.
    • Guaranteed non-GMO and kosher.
    • Organically grown exclusively for The Synergy Company under the purest conditions in the Mount Fuji valleys of Japan. The farming, harvesting, and processing are fully natural - no solvents, chemicals or other harmful substances.


    Organic Matcha Power is a great choice for students, busy mums and dads, fitness enthusiasts and athletes, working professionals, seniors, and anyone looking for a healthy, natural pick-me-up. Order now to experience the benefits of “the greenest of all green teas."



  • Certified Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea; a certified organic vegetarian capsule.
  • 3 capsules daily

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