The Synergy Company Eye Protector 60 Capsules


    Synergy Company Eye Protector


    In this day and age, our eyes are vulnerable to air pollutants, computer screens, UV light, smoke and other environmental factors. The Synergy Company Eye Protector is a premium solution for healthy eyes and vision, containing lutein, zeaxanthin, astaxanthin and advanced SuperPure® plant extracts, safeguarding your vision and providing ongoing eye support.



    Health Benefits of The Synergy Company Eye Protector


    • Deeply nourishes and safeguards healthy vision & eyes.
    • Promotes healthy ageing of the retina.
    • Supports healthy focus (visual acuity).
    • Aids in maintaining healthy night vision.
    • Supports healthy eye energy, eye pressure, and blood flow.
    • Supports healthy eye pressure & blood flow.
    • Provides a meaningful amount of valuable phytonutrients.
    • Offers additional protection for a nourished and radiant skin.


    Why choose The Synergy Company Eye Protector?


    • 15+ exclusive SuperPure extracts and concentrates.
    • All extracts and concentrates are created without toxic solvents or chemicals.
    • Rich in valuable carotenoids, including lutein.
    • Contains extracts of the planet's most flavonoid-rich berries.
    • Packed with potent enzyme protectors which safeguard eye health.
    • Contains superior, free forms of lutein and zeaxanthin, which are up to 2x more bioavailable than the ingredients in other products.


    Eye Protector is an advanced formula created after 3 dedicated years of research and development, resulting in unmatched potency and purity. Eye Protector has been designed to deeply nourish and actively protect your eyes from daily strains and promote healthy ageing. Try it today and enjoy healthy, sharp vision for years to come.


  • SuperPure® Carotenoid Protectors - Organic Tomato Extract*•(Lycopene); Haematococcus Algae Extract• (Astaxanthin 2mg); Marigold Flower Extract• (Free Lutein 10mg, Free Zeaxanthin/Meso-Zeaxanthin 5mg); Wild Gardenia Fruit Extract• & Organic Saffron Flower Extract*• (Crocins/Crocetin 3mg); Organic Goji Extract*• & Organic Sea Buckthorn Extract* • (Mixed Carotenes). SuperPure® Flavonoid Protectors - Black Currant Extract•; Organic Aronia*•, Organic Elderberry*• & Organic Bilberry*• Concentrates (Anthocyanins 50mg); Organic Grape Seed Extract*• & Wild Pine Bark Extract • (Proanthocyanidins 100mg, Polyphenols 125mg). SuperPure® Enzyme Protectors - Organic Kale*• & Organic Watercress*• Concentrates (Glucosinolates & Myrosinase Enzyme); Melon Extract• & Fermented Legume Extract• (SOD Enzyme 140 IU, Catalase Enzyme 1,400 IU). vegetable cellulose (capsule). *Organic SuperPure® Processing.
  • 2 capsules daily.

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