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Natures Child Reusable Baby Wipes ��� Organic Cotton Bo

Natures Child Reusable Baby Wipes ��� Organic Cotton Bo

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Organic Cotton Reusable Baby Wipes at Nappy Change Time

Great value Organic Cotton Washable & Reusable Baby Wipes. The only ingredient is Pure Organic Cotton. Simply add water or these super soft organic wipes dry. Our box is 100% recyclable. No Plastic Packaging. ��We recommend 2 or 3 boxes per baby which are $800 cheaper than disposables ��� ��Worth a try? We take plastic-free baby products seriously! Avoid Single-Use Disposable Baby Products with this single commitment and save yourself a small fortune in the process!

We recommend the following ways to use your BABY WIPES BOX OF 8 that best suits your routine.

  • Use Dry as they are for wet poo���s and urine
  • Soak in Small solution of baby wash with water or coconut oil with water in the morning so they are ready to use wet throughout the day
  • Add water as you go for a wet wipe that is fresh and only has water from a source you know about
  • Add one single drop of Lavender or Chamomm water for a lovely smelly baby wipe
  • Not just a nappy wipe, use at bath time to gently wash your babies skin
  • If you use cloth nappies, add to your cloth nappy bucket for washing
  • NO SPECIAL WASHING INSTRUCTIONS ��� organic cotton is very hardy. These can be washed with your clothes or with your nappies.
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