Nature’s Child Organic Baby Powder 100g

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Organic & Natural Talc Free Baby Powder

Baby Powder strait after a bath or at nappy change time is just wonderful for a new baby and parent.   It’s a super easy way to dry skin fast.  Ideal for keeping baby’s skin dry after each nappy change and generally keeping moisture away from sensitive areas of the body such as under arms, under breasts and groin. Baby Powder is an ideal way to refresh a baby’s skin when no washing is required. Read all about our special organically certified formula made from 3 simple ingredients below.

  • 100% TALC FREE
  • Tapioca, White Clay, 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil
  • Keeps the Folds in babies skin free from moisture to prevent dry sores
  • Baby Powder is part of our Award Winning Certified Organic Baby Skincare

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