Why Include Bone Broth in Your Everyday Nutrition

Why Include Bone Broth in Your Everyday Nutrition

Most of us have heard that bone broth contains endless benefits, but how do we know which products are the real deal and which ones contain falsified nutrients? Let’s find out together!

Sally Fallon from the Weston A. Price Foundation claims that most “stock” and “broth” products sold in stores contain artificial meat flavours. To make matters worse, some companies use monosodium glutamate (MSG) to create a recognisable meat flavour!

It sounds pretty brutal, doesn’t it?

So how can you differentiate solid brands that encompass the health benefits of bone broth from the pretenders?

  1. Pay attention to the ingredients

When you are searching for the best broth for you, it is essential to check out the ingredients! If the list contains items that you wouldn’t add into a homemade broth, like additives, it may not contain the nutrients and benefits that you so desire.

It is advised to keep your eye out for wholesome, nutrient-dense ingredients, such as ginger or organic apple cider vinegar.

Which products should you avoid?

If you see ingredients like maltodextrin, sugar, or yeast extract listed on the back of the product, we advise you to nicely place it back onto the shelf.

It is essential to remember to look for natural ingredients that you can find in your pantry!

  1. What type of meat does the product have?

Would you rather eat meat injected with hormones and antibiotics or grass-fed, free-range meat? Many of us tend to choose the later.

Therefore, when you are looking at the list of ingredients, it is vital to see if the broth includes either grass-fed or free-range bones. If they fail to include that detail, the bones may be injected with unnecessary hormones, poorly treated, or artificial.

  1. Is the product rich in protein?

Nutrient-dense bone broth contains high protein content! If you enjoy making homemade broth, you may have noticed that if you fail to add the right amount of bones that the broth comes out “weak and dull”, which is one way to tell if a company skipped out on putting in the correct number of bones into their concoction.

Finding viable products

Which products do we currently love? We can’t get enough of the paleo and allergen-friendly broth created by Meadow & Marrow Bone Broth.

When you look at the ingredients and the food label on each one of their products, you’ll find that they use 100% Australian grass-fed bones and natural ingredients. You won’t find ingredients like maltodextrin or sugar listed on these super healthy products!

Meadow & Marrow created products that contain specific, unique benefits! Let’s take a look:


Bone Broth Concentrate - A.M. CLEANSE

Whether you are fighting off the flu or need a natural kickstart to your day, Bone Broth Concentrate - A.M. CLEANSE may be a fantastic option for you! Alongside organic apple cider vinegar and 100% Australian grass-fed bones, this product also encompasses potent, immune-boosting ingredients like ginger, lemon, and turmeric.

Can you think of a better way to start your day than an immune-boosting jump, and detoxifying and cleansing your gut? We can’t!



Bone Broth Concentrate - POPULATE

Do you want to populate your gut with healthy bacteria? If so, you may want to give Bone Broth Concentrate - POPULATE a try! What’s so special about this bone broth concentrate (besides its pure organic ingredients and grass-fed bones)?

It contains organic fermented miso, which can help to promote healthy bacteria within the gut and is high in protein. Not only does it contain miso, but this bone broth also lists wakame flakes as one of the ingredients! Wakame flakes can help to smoothen digestion and they may even induce weight loss.

This product tastes great, too!



Bone Broth Concentrate - BOOST

Are you an athlete? A fitness guru? Have you been looking for a natural, gut-happy energy-boosting formula? You may want to check out Bone Broth Concentrate - BOOST. Rumour has it that you won’t regret it!

For the last while, some athletes have been turning to beetroot to improve their performance, which may help to better support the lungs, improve blood flow, and induce quicker muscles reaction. With this in mind, Meadow & Marrow created Bone Broth Concentrate - BOOST with beetroot!

However, the ingredient “Medium Chain Triglycerides” (MCT) may spark some confusion; it may not look like a wholesome ingredient that you can use at home, but the benefits speak differently. MCT generally comes from coconut oil and palm kernel oil, and it may induce weight loss!

Healthline reports, “MCTs easily enter your cells without being broken down, they can be used as an immediate source of energy.”

This bone broth may benefit athletes in a way they never imagined!


Bone Broth Concentrate - BURN

Burn away extra fat with Bone Broth Concentrate - BURN! Whether you are fasting or in between meals (and trying to avoid snacking), you can boost the calorie burn with this grass-fed, paleo and allergen-friendly bone broth!

The lists of ingredients boast of calorie-burning essentials:

Ginseng, Matcha tea, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, olive leaf, and MCT oil.

And don’t forget that all of these ingredients come mixed in a concoction with 100% grass-fed bones!

This product may come packed with a little extra heat, but spices can help to speed up the metabolism, especially spices like cayenne pepper.


Meadow & Marrow Bone Broth products not only contain health-boosting properties and nutrient-dense ingredients, but you won’t need to spend a lot of time preparing any of the products listed above! Why?

All you need to do is add hot water.

How can bone broth benefit your health?

Here are three additional reasons that highlight the benefits of bone broth and why you may want to consider adding the nutrient-dense broth into your daily diet as soon as possible!

  1. You can find collagen in most bones, which, when simmered, releases into the bone broth! The amino acids present in bone broth may help to improve your joint health.
  2. The gelatin within bone broth can help you to feel full for a longer period of time, meaning you may end up consuming fewer calories per day.
  3. Some scientists discovered that glycine can help to take you into a deep sleep at night while also improving your energy and mental capabilities during the day - bone broth contains glycine.

Bone broth contains an array of benefits, but sometimes you may end up with a product that fails to provide you with the nutrients you need! Therefore, it is essential to look for products that contain grass-fed or free-range bones, have a rich protein content, and use wholesome ingredients!

Which Meadow & Marrow flavour do you want to try?

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