10 Delicious, Protein-packed Recipes to Try This Summer

10 Delicious, Protein-packed Recipes to Try This Summer

1. Raw Vegan Berry Nice Cream by Fully Raw Kristina

2. Morning Vitality by Koya Webb

3. Lemon Cashew Cream Tarts by Jason Wrobel

4. Pineapple & Berry  Post-Workout or Meal Replacement Smoothie by Rawvana

5. Vegan Protein Pancakes by Talia Pollock 

6. Mermaid Smoothie Bowl by Shannon Leparski

7. Cinnamon Vanilla Breakfast Protein Bites by Lindsay Cotter

8. Plant Protein Power Breakfast Bowls by The Kitchen Treaty

9. Chickpea Flour Mini Veggie Frittatas by The Mostly Vegan

10. Vegan Mocha Frappe with Sunwarrior Protein by Apollo and Luna

Sunwarrior vegan mocha

 Pro Tip

What about those busy days when you can't find time to prepare any of the above? Sunwarrior has your back. Sol Good bars provide 17g+ of protein to kickstart your day,  give you an afternoon boost, or replenish energy post-workout. Try all four decadent flavours - we have and there's no going back!


Sol Good Bars Sunwarrior


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