Reverse the clock? How to protect your cells naturally

Reverse the clock? How to protect your cells naturally

Although ageing is mostly connected to the effect it has on the skin, it affects every part of your body, including your hair, body, and organs. During the natural process of ageing, people might experience vision and hearing difficulties, develop arthritis, suffer from sleep disturbances and lose muscle bulk, strength, and power. The exposure to harmful molecules can also lead to mutations in cells that may fence the immune system and eventually develop into cancer. But, what exactly causes ageing?

We already know that human body is made up of cells which divide to produce new cells for the growth and repair of body tissues. They function within a highly controlled environment of regulated temperature, pH and chemical composition of fluids in order to reproduce, fight against toxins and generate energy. Each cell has a chromosome, and each chromosome has a telomere - a layer of extra DNA that helps cells divide.

Human cells can divide 50-70 times and then they enter into a senescence phase at which point they may die or stay in the body as malfunctioning cells and cause our body to age. The length of the telomeres is the best indicator of age as they shorten after each cell division, eventually triggering cell death. Harmful molecules like glucose and free radicals can also damage the proteins, fats, and DNA that make up human cells, thus accelerating the ageing. 


How to Reverse the Clock?

How do you slow ageing naturally? Is it really possible to reverse the ageing process? These questions date as far back as humankind itself. While there isn’t a magic potion that will erase the wrinkles away, boosting your natural defences against these harmful chemicals can certainly be very beneficial for protecting your cells.

In order to get real anti-ageing effects, the cellular mechanisms and the biochemical and hormonal anti-ageing pathways have to be activated. Antioxidants - such as carotenoids and vitamins C and E, which include lutein, beta-carotene, and lycopene - have shown to have beneficial effects in protecting the healthy cells from damage caused by free radicals, thus slowing down the effects of ageing in every part of our bodies.

In addition to including foods rich in antioxidants to your diet, choose a natural dietary supplement like The Synergy Company Cell Protector, which contains more than 18 of the planet’s most powerful antioxidants and detoxifiers to provide the ultimate protective cellular and DNA support formula. The combination of the most effective whole foods and botanicals that work at both the cellular and hormonal levels promotes cellular and overall body wellness. Enjoy a healthier and long-lasting life!

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