Not Feeling Your Best This Winter? Common Deficiencies to Look Out For

Not Feeling Your Best This Winter? Common Deficiencies to Look Out For

In the winter months many of us find that mood can get a little low and in fact, the colder month’s can be when we suffer from deficiencies in certain vitamins and minerals which can make things worse and which can even impact overall immunity.

If you are felling down or a little stressed then one water-soluble vitamin you may need more of is good old vitamin C - this vitamin is well known as it supports immune function but what is not commonly known is that it also helps with collagen production in the skin helping to firm and tone whilst it also supports adrenal function and can also help to decrease stress levels. So if your mood is low or your skin is suffering, you may benefit from a good vitamin C supplement.

This is where The Synergy Company’s Radiance C comes into play - it is an all natural formula based on fruits and berries, to deliver a high dose of natural vitamin C.

It is one of my all time favourites and will also deliver high levels of antioxidants. You may also be in need of some B vitamin support to help with energy levels, while it is still getting dark early. Try a daily dose of Super B Complex from The Synergy Company to naturally boost vitamin B levels - this will help with nervous system function and with cognition to while providing a caffeine-free natural energy burst.

Another vitamin to top up on is vitamin D - this is really important to help fight off signs of depression and anxiety and to improve immune function and bone health too.

The Synergy Company’s formula is one that I have great success with and confidence it - I love that it is whole food based and as natural as you can get. Go for the Vita Min Herb Multi for Women or in the Men’s equivalent formula which has added organic fruits, vegetables and herbal extracts to boost overall health too. These are a great way to easily increase the nutrient levels of zinc, selenium, chromium and vitamins A, C and E too.

You may also be lacking in magnesium and iron and if you are, you may well be in of a deep green pick me up - look no further than one a green superfood powder from the Synergy Natural. You can choose from organic Chlorella, Spirulina, Wheat Grass or Barley Grass or from a Super Greens blend that contains all four.

These green organic nutrient dense powders are also rich in chlorophyll that helps with cleansing and alkalisation, and with natural detox too. They provide additional fibre to your diet which helps with regularity and blood sugar regulation.

Steady blood sugar levels help to reduce cravings and keep your mood balanced, and this may result in a better night’s sleep too. Lifestream also does a great aloe vera supplement that you can have in liquid or capsule form. This helps to soothe the system and helps to decrease inflammation - it helps with both gut and skin health and has antiviral, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

Including even one or two of these supplements into your diet could well see you with more energy, better focus and improved hair, skin, and nails. Your immune and digestive systems should also see improvement.

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