Diet Fiction Movie: Facts behind the controversial weight loss industry

Diet Fiction Movie: Facts behind the controversial weight loss industry

The health realm contains a plethora of conflicting information where one source declares one thing, and another scientist composes an article with a completely different point of view. For example, the ketogenic diet has gained popularity and notable praises by experts, and it has been torn apart by scientists, or there’s been evidence declaring the benefits of intermittent fasting, while others are sceptical, or there are never-ending discussions on whether milk, salt, and coffee contain health benefits or not, and the list goes on.

All of this conflicting information makes it easy to wonder “why your diet doesn’t work”, which is why filmmaker Michal Siewierski decided to create a documentary titled, Diet Fiction. The film explores the reasoning behind the obesity pandemic across America and aims to reveal the truth behind the possibly manipulative weight loss industry.

In one interview Siewierski says, “The way that all the corruption between pharmaceutical, the health industry, the government, the subsidies, all of those things, it's out there, it's just not talked about enough. So, the job that I did was basically compiling all that information and presenting it to people, because really, you don't find that information.”

Siewierski discusses how some industries may manipulate the public to believe one thing about health, convince the public to invest in their product, and make money off of it. The bold filmmaker discusses why he opted to focus on plant-based diets in the film rather than paleo, ketogenic, low-carb diets. He claims that there is nothing wrong with transitioning from the standard American fast-food diet to a paleo diet, but although it is a “step in the right direction”, the diet is still “not ideal”. Therefore, he opts to discuss plant-based diets with experts and how consuming vegetables and other earth-grown foods can contribute to long-lasting results.

Most reviewers on Amazon claim that this film offers a wide range of science-backed evidence! If you are curious about the ins and outs of the health food industry you may want to check out Diet Fiction, a groundbreaking documentary that delivers a controversial, but informative message on the weight-loss industry, as well as science-backed evidence on how whole food plant-based diets can help to slim the general population.

Have you watched Diet Fiction yet? If not, you can watch the preview here and purchase the movie either from Itunes or Amazon!

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