Benefits of Herbal Extracts for Women's Health

Benefits of Herbal Extracts for Women's Health

Not feeling your best? Turn to herbal extracts for a powerful health boost - naturally! Learn why our in-house nutritionist, Rick Hay, recommends herbal extracts and how to get started.

Botanical extracts can make a real difference to overall health in quite a

short amount of time. They are some of the strongest natural therapeutic agents on the planet and can help to restore balance, especially when combined with a healthy, predominantly plant-based diet. Herbal remedies can also boost immune function, help with natural energy production and even regulate hormones.

Botanicals are packed full of phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals and
enzymes to support the nervous and digestive systems. It’s all about the power of plants - the antioxidants they contain can also help with optimal hair, skin and nail health. One of my favourite botanical formulas of all time is the certified organic Vita Min Herb for Women from The Synergy Company. This formula is a completely natural whole food multivitamin/mineral supplement that combines botanical extracts together with selected fruit and vegetable extracts. It really does tick all of the nutritional boxes and more as it comes complete with added super spices.

The 25 botanicals include Rhodiola to help with stress and to reduce anxiety, Chaste Tree to assist with hormonal balance, Astragalus to boost immunity, Hawthorn for heart health, Bacopa for cognition and mental performance and Ginger to stimulate and soothe digestive function. The addition of Fennel further aids the digestive process and promotes liver and gallbladder health.

These super herbs are combined with 26 organic vitamins and minerals as well as flower essences to support and sustain energy, hormones, heart, mind, digestion, immunity and overall well-being. 

The vitamins that make up this advanced formula range are extensive. There is Vitamin C to help with collagen cross-linking and immunity. It also helps to support adrenal function and can help to reduce inflammatory conditions.

Vitamin D3 helps with mood and bone health. Vitamins K1 and K2 to assist with bone health and cardiovascular function. Magnesium nourishes the nervous system and helps in the production of energy. Iron to decrease lethargy and fatigue. There is also zinc for wound healing and chromium for blood sugar
regulation. Choline assists with cognition and mood. The blend also contains the anti-inflammatory super spices turmeric and black pepper.

To help reduce stress and anxiety levels,  St.Johns Wort has been added. It’s like taking 6 products in one - I think of it as a phytonutrient cocktail that is packed full of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes to help promote optimum health and vitality.

By taking Vita Min Herb Daily you are increasing your nutrient intake effortlessly -
you are taking in an array of coloured foods and spices. This colourful nutrient density is integral to good health - nutrient dense foods boost your intake of antioxidants and provide the body with the ammunition it needs to help fight off bacterial, viral or fungal infection.

The selected ingredients are key to good digestive function - good digestive function is the first step to improved overall health. If you are absorbing and eliminating correctly this can lead to increased energy, improved mood, better skin and reduced weight.

One daily serving of Vita Min Herb for Women is equal to an entire ¼ lb (1 full cup) of fresh, organic greens and herbs. Get yours now!


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