8 Easy Tips for Staying Healthy When Travelling

8 Easy Tips for Staying Healthy When Travelling

Travelling this summer? You don’t have to leave the healthy lifestyle at home. If you’re struggling to stay on track on holidays, we have 8 tips to help you keep up your healthy habits and return looking and feeling your best.

  • 1. No gym, no problem!

  • Find a “hotel room” (no equipment) workout routine you’ll love. Youtube is your friend here, the choice of videos is endless. Our favourite no-equipment workouts include Tone it Up HIIT, Gaiam Yoga, and The Body Coach TV. Make sure you only follow advice from qualified trainers. If in doubt, avoid anything high-impact.

     2. Eat local

    A new destination is the perfect opportunity to stock up on vitamins and nutrients you might be missing in your daily diet. Explore local food markets and exotic fruits - you might end up eating healthy without even realizing it.

     3. Plan ahead

    We’ve all been in that situations when we found ourselves ravenous in an unknown place and out of healthy options. There’s a better way than begrudgingly ending up at a fast-food chain. Plan and pack healthy & energizing snacks that will be your “emergency boost” and keep you going when out sightseeing. Try superfood-packed Health Discovery Bars or Sunwarrior Sol Good Bars for extra protein. 


    Synergy Company Vita Min Herb for Women4. Get support

    Sometimes maintaining a balanced lifestyle when travelling is very demanding, especially when moving from place to place. When your travel schedule is packed, give your health a boost with natural supplements. The Synergy Company Vita Min Herb Multi for Her or for Him are our favourite choices for all-in-one, all-natural nutrition. This comprehensive whole food multivitamin is based on pure, organic vegetables and fruits, combined with potent SuperPure® herbal extracts.  You might enjoy the benefits so much that you'll stick with it all year round! 

    5. Make salad a habit

    What if you make an agreement with yourself that you’ll try to make one meal every day a salad? While this might sound restrictive, it makes it easy to load up on nutrients in one sitting and it’s simple to remember.

    6.  Mindset matters!

    When thinking about holiday wellness, your mental and emotional well-being shouldn’t be pushed to the background. We’ve all experienced increased stress and frustration when travelling - flight delays, getting lost without mobile coverage. Think ahead about how you’re planning to manage your mood. Holidays can be a great opportunity to finally give meditation a try (our favourite app is X). For a quick pick me up, why not try Flower Essences?

    Australian Bush Flower Essences Emergency Essence is recommended for emotional upset, panic, distress and fear. These compact “instant drops of calmness” are something you can keep in your handbag or backpack to provide comfort, reassurance and exude a calming effect during a crisis. 



    7. All aboard

    If you’re travelling with family, make sure everyone is on board and knows that you intend to stick to your healthy lifestyle on the trip. Even better - inspire them to follow suit. Getting out of the busyness of our daily life is the perfect time to introduce new, better habits.  Changing scenery can be especially helpful if you’re trying to quit a bad habit or give up something cold turkey. Distracted by all the new experiences, you might completely forget about your vice or craving.

     8. Happily hydrated

    Not getting enough water is the number one cardinal sin of most travellers. This might sound obvious… but most of us still struggle to get consistent hydration, especially when our daily routines get disrupted. Being dehydrated intensifies jet-lag and can cause tiredness and headaches.

    Before your trip, check if tap water in your destination is safe to drink. Getting a reusable water bottle and installing an app with reminders can help you up your liquid intake, feel your best and come back from your trip with a healthy glow.

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