Uncovering the science behind snacking on junk food

Uncovering the science behind snacking on junk food

A quick, salty, savoury snack may cause more harm to your body than you think, and unfortunately, potato crisps and chocolate bars are considered among the worst to munch on. It may feel magical to feel that chocolate bar melt in your mouth, or to press your tongue against a handful of crisps, but the repercussions last far longer than the momentary bliss.

Here's a play-by-play of how specific snacks including chocolate bars and potato chips affect your body.

A compilation of articles all state that our bodies are not used to salt, so when we taste it, we want to savour it as much as possible. However, your body will only absorb the salt 15-30 minutes after consuming your first handful of crisps. Before that, your body continues to crave salt, so you may feel the desire to reach for multiple chips at once continuously. At this point, your body longs for a replenishing glass of water.

Over the course of six hours (or many days!), your body will work to rid itself of the overbearing amount of salt, which propels your blood pressure to heighten. Not only that but a lot of the oil converts into fat cells.

Researchers state that potato crisps contain a dangerous tasteless, chemical, acrylamide, which may cause damage to your DNA, and could potentially cause cancer. Health Canada shares that the unscented acrylamide is not an ingredient in food, but it is created “when a natural amino acid called asparagine reacts with certain naturally occurring sugars such as glucose”. This occurs when the cooking temperature is high. After you consume crisps, it could take your body many days to rid itself of the toxic chemical.

Chocolate bars, like crisps, also only provide temporary pleasure and long-term infliction.

The Daily Mail states that the anticipation of the first bite alone releases endorphins. And within five to fifteen seconds of your first bite, the endocannabinoids (your body creates these when you eat chocolate) trigger a sense of calmness. After thirty minutes, your body will turn the chocolate into fat, and after five to six hours, the fats still pump into your circulation.

A variety of reports declare that crisps are one of the main reasons for obesity in America, and its salt content is something humans crave, which makes it a dangerous snack. Researchers also claim that the sound of a super crispy crisp may manipulate you to believe that it is tastier, and even just the crunch itself may propel you to eat more!

Meanwhile, there a few ways to curb your cravings, chocolate-lovers may want to consider checking out The Carob Kitchen Carob Bar Milk - an all-natural, delicious chocolate alternative and crisps-addicts may want to consider trying out kale crisps or other vegetable-based crisps. It is more than possible to curb unhealthy snack cravings!


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