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Why Blue Is The New Green

Foods rarely generate shock from the public, but one superfood is taking social media by storm. Meet the new health hero: blue spirulina.

You may have heard of spirulina before - the blue-green alga that contains a plethora of health benefits, so you are likely wondering what the difference is between spirulina and blue spirulina.

Spirulina is green, but the superfood has a subtle shade of blue, which is due to a pigment called phycocyanin. When you extract the phycocyanin from spirulina, you will get blue spirulina!

It may seem puzzling to separate part of a superfood from the other, but phycocyanin alone reaps of countless benefits. One source claims that phycocyanin can help to stimulate the production of stem cells, which includes blood, immune, and muscle cells. The rich-in-antioxidant pigment can also assist in the rehabilitation of ligaments.

If you are looking to propel your energy levels and metabolism, ease symptoms of stress and improve digestion, you may want to check out Lifestream Spirulina Blue, which contains 23% pure phycocyanin (50% more than other spirulina). It's a perfect choice for this season, boosting your immune system, too!

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