Love Strawberries? You Might be Ingesting Pesticides

Love Strawberries? You Might be Ingesting Pesticides

May marks the beginning of strawberry season, but while these red beauties might be known for their health-boosting properties, Environmental Working Grop (EWG) warns that they are one of the most polluted fruits on the market.

Data vary by region, but statistics from California reveal that nearly 300 pounds of pesticides were applied to one acre of strawberries ground.

Pesticides are poisons which, although aimed at "pests", can also have a severe impact on human health, causing serious illnesses from respiratory problems to cancer.

Women and children are more sensitive to pesticides, with breastfeeding and expectant mothers being particularly vulnerable.

Children absorb pesticides more easily through their skin and are often exposed to these poisons simply playing in outdoor areas like parks and playgrounds, where pesticides are commonly used.

These days, pesticides are all around us. While we might have difficulties in controlling our environment, we can take action to choose organic fruits and vegetables - at least when it comes to the notorious "dirty dozen", led by strawberries.

Watch the Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Products to learn which non-organic produce to avoid:



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