Put Down the Phone: New Studies Expose the Dangers of RF Radiation

Put Down the Phone: New Studies Expose the Dangers of RF Radiation

The risk of cell phone radiation could spell “big trouble" for the smartphone generation. Several recent studies shed light on the risk of cancer via cell phone radiation.

According to Scientific American, RF radiation from mobiles heats up tissues by exciting molecules. 

A set of studies carried out by the National Toxicology Program in the United States suggests that rats exposed to RF radiation over a long period of time became more likely to develop a rare type of a tumour, “schwannoma.” Schwannomas affect a particular kind of neuron found in the peripheral nervous system.

Another study by The Ramazzini Institute investigated how RF radiation affected the health of rats. It turned out that the exposed male rats were substantially more likely to develop schwannomas of the heart.

This is worrisome, particularly as a 2017 recent report by the Environmental Health Trust exposed that popular leading phone brands emit radiation that is about three times higher than the radiation levels previously reported by the manufacturers!

While some sceptics argue that we shouldn't draw conclusions based on animal studies alone, we think it's not worth taking the risk. Limiting mobile phone use, and therefore, our exposure to radiation could easily be one of the impactful changes we can make to help ensure long-term health.
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