Organic September: Get involved!

Organic September: Get involved!

We’re almost halfway through Organic September, the Organic Harvest Month. Initiated by the Soil Association, Organic September is an opportunity to rethink if the everyday products we buy truly serve us. It’s not just about what we eat either. It’s also about investing in sustainable farming, local produce and supporting ethics-driven, independent businesses. 

Organic nutrition

 Food is our fuel, pure and simple. At least, you’d hope it’s pure... Recent research revealed that the demand for premium and organic food products increases the risk of food fraud - many are keen to reap the benefits without investing in sustainable farming.

Sadly, buying all-organic isn’t accessible to everyone yet, but including organic fruit and vegetables can make a big difference. Swap your animal protein for plant-based, organic protein such as Sunwarrior and get a taste of how your body will feel operating on pure, nutritious fuel.

Organic health

Is your daily multivitamin organic? Many of us head to a store and reach for supplements product without much deliberation. Just because it’s at the shelf of a health food store, it doesn’t mean it’s the optimum, purest choice for you. We believe that the best source of vitamins are plants. What if you could easily extract maximum nutrition from a variety of beneficial plants from all over the world? With Synergy Company, you can. 

Organic skincare

What you put on your skin eventually ends up in your body. If you’ve taken the first step and tried eating organic, don’t ignore skincare and cosmetics! Major beauty brands got us believing that chemical compounds endorsed by celebs are the answer. In fact, some of the most potent beauty boosters have been developed by nature itself and they’re not lacking finesse.

This is exactly what characterises our favourite organic skincare: with Zk’in, sophistication meets simplicity. But wouldn’t it be nice to be able to understand (and pronounce!) the origin of every single ingredients? If you couldn’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin!

In fact, Zk’in mask heavenly chocolate smell almost tempts to eat it. It would be a shame though - it does wonders for your skin!

So, how to shop more mindfully this September?

Don’t just look at the label - check the ingredients and certifications.

There are options for every price range - organic doesn’t mean expensive. Giving up processed foods and excess chemicals, you can fill up your shelves with organic goodness without a strain on your wallet.

Tirelessly researching every single products gets very time-consuming, so at Nutrimarket, we’ve done the job for you, carefully selecting our favourite organic products from the brands we know and trust. Browse our selection!

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