Manuka Honey: the Sweetest Winter Beauty Booster

Manuka Honey: the Sweetest Winter Beauty Booster

According to Marie Claire, “beauty benefits of Manuka honey make this wonder food a serious must-buy”. Spell Magazine called it “a beauty saviour”, and Gwyneth Paltrow and Scarlett Johannson are believed to be among its fans.

As the harsh weather is not going away just yet, manuka honey comes to rescue as one of the most versatile skin remedies.

What’ so special about manuka honey?

Manuka honey is a honey produced from the nectar of the mānuka tree. Many people don’t realise that manuka tree is an alternative name of tea tree, a valued skincare ingredient. Here's how manuka honey can become your go-to beauty remedy.

Natural Acne Remedy

Manuka honey’s anti-bacterial properties and can help clear up and soothe acne. Manuka oxygenates the pores to draw out bacteria, improving the appearance of acne-prone areas.

Manuka honey has very potent and very powerful inflammatory properties. There’s no other natural product that contains such powerful inflammatory ingredients as manuka does.” - says Denis Watson, the founder of Watson & Son manuka honey.

There are countless online testimonials describe people successfully using manuka honey topically to treat acne and eczema, and many continue to use it preventatively.

Gentle Exfoliator

The enzymes in manuka honey act as a gentle exfoliant, giving your skill a radiant glow. Additionally, some women applying manuka honey regularly report gentle lightening properties, which supports fading acne scars and discoloration.

Natural Moisturizer

Manuka honey is a known humectant, pulling moisture from the air to help your skin stay hydrated for longer. This potent honey will keep yous skin glowing and youthful. Not only does it prevent dryness (a known contributor to those unwanted lines), it also inhibits MMP, a group of enzymes that damage collagen.

At Home Pampering

One of our favourite winter beauty masks comes from The Natural Beauty Workshop. Her Manuka Honey & Banana Facial Mask is perfect for soothing and moisturising delicate facial skin after it’s been exposed to rough winter weather. A combination of high-quality raw manuka honey, mineral-rich banana with white kaolin clay encourage healing, reduce inflammation and provide gentle cleansing and detoxification. (The full recipe is available from The Natural Beauty Workshop).

Beauty Sleep Aid

Expensive treatments won’t help if you’re ignoring the oldest and cheapest beauty prescription: getting enough sleep. Missing out on sufficient sleep can make your complexion dehydrated and prone to redness and breakouts.

If work stress or too many commitments make it difficult for you to relax and fall asleep, try drinking a cup of hot milk (or a vegan alternative) with a teaspoon of manuka honey before bed. This comforting drink helps release melatonin, promoting deep and restful sleep.

Lastly, what’s the biggest winter beauty woe? A nasty cold (think runny nose, dry and flaky skin). Manuka honey shows impressive antibacterial and antiviral activity. If you can’t afford to get sick this season, consider adding it not only to your beauty regime, but also, to your diet.

Where to buy high-quality manuka honey?Watson & Son manuka honey

As the limited availability and amazing benefits contribute to a premium price, many companies mislabel and misrepresent the product to maximise profits. Because of that, manuka honey actually goes through multiple rating systems before it can be consumed!

Manuka honey must have a UMF of 10 or more to be considered “medicinal quality”. KFactor is an alternative rating system approved by the New Zealand government, which indicates manuka pollen count.

Manuka honey can get pricey, especially if you’re after high potency, medicinal quality product. The good news? Our favourite Watson & Son manuka honey is currently 1/3 OFF - quite likely the most affordable way to finally try high-quality manuka honey. We love Watson & Son’s dedication to producing the purest honey - you can even check exactly which area of New Zealand’s forests your jar of honey came from. Order yours today and say hello to nourished, glowing skin - just in time for the spring!


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