Is This the Cleanest Snack Bar in the World?

Is This the Cleanest Snack Bar in the World?

Are you tired of struggling to eat healthy on the go? Whether it’s an office snack, a post-workout bite or a little something to power you through a trek, truly natural options are hard to come by.  A health-minded couple, Mike and Tina spotted the problem, too.

Living a healthy eating lifestyle meant a lot of food prep and always being five meals ahead with our food planning,” - says Mike. “When I was rock climbing with a plastic bag full of chicken breast and walnuts tied to my chalk bag I thought, "there really has to be a better way"."

And sure enough, they found one. They took the best ingredients they could get their hands on, smashed them all together and convinced the world that it was no longer acceptable to consume rubbish snack food bars. That’s how Blue Dinosaur bars were born!

A few short months later, these potent packets of goodness are taking over the globe, and now, they’re making their way to the UK.

So what makes Blue Dinosaur bars special?

Many food companies think it's enough to start with a generic base and add flavours to it. Mike and Tina start with a collection of beautiful ingredients that your body wants to eat and combine them into a bar for your convenience. 

With their strict "whole food ingredients only" policy, their bars and bites never contain gluten, soy, dairy, preservatives, added sugars, colours, stabilisers, flavours, or anything artificial.

 A Blue Dinosaur snack is more than just a bar - it's properly nourishing, good food.

With eleven different flavours to choose from, there’s no reason to deny yourself trying this wholesome treat. See them all here!

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