How Can Probiotics Impact Your Mood?

How Can Probiotics Impact Your Mood?

Did you consume a surplus of antibiotics in your early years? Or were your born via a Caesarean section? Or have you experienced a lot of stress? These actions - paired with genetics - may disrupt your microbiome, ultimately impacting your mood and your ability to handle stress. One source claims that “diet is one of the most important modifying factors of the microbiota-gut-brain axis” because of important systems connected to the gut and the brain like “the vagus nerve, gut hormone [signalling], the immune system, tryptophan metabolism, and microbial metabolites such as short chain fatty acids”.

The vagus nerve “is one of the biggest nerves connecting your gut and brain” and can influence your levels of stress, and studies say that those who suffer from IBS or Crohn’s disease may have a vagus nerve that functions at a lesser rate. The “wanderer nerve” can communicate the state of various organs and the digestive system to the brain and the brain reports back. It has the magical, uncanny ability to connect the emotional and cognitive state of your brain with your external intestinal functions.

Neurotransmitters also play a role in how your gut can impact your brain. One particular neurotransmitter that can majorly influence your mood is serotonin, and interestingly enough the gut produces a lot of serotonin, which is the neurotransmitter that works to elevate your mood and regulate your body clock.

Scientists believe that uncovering more information on the gut-brain axis will help psychiatrists when dealing with patients who wrestle with anxiety and depression, as well as helping those who suffer from gut-related issues like irritable bowel syndrome. Plenty of researchers have revealed how probiotics may help to mend any disturbances within your gut, which may ultimately influence your mood.

One study examined how 20 healthy subjects (they did not suffer from any mood disorders) reacted to ingesting a dose of probiotics over a four week period, while the control group - 20 people - received a placebo over the same time frame. Once the study concluded, the scientists found that the participants who consumed probiotics reacted more positively to sad moods, and experienced less negative thoughts.

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