5 Ways To Make Your Diet Eco-Friendly

5 Ways To Make Your Diet Eco-Friendly

Many of you recognise how vital it is to lower your ecological footprint, so you try to use less plastic, electricity, recycle and take public transportation, but did you know that you can also reduce your carbon footprint through your diet?

Are you ready to commit to a more sustainable diet?

1. Eat local

Purchasing goods grown and created in your town not only supports local growers, farmers, and shop owners but buying local food can benefit the environment as well. When you opt to buy your vegetables, honey, or meat from farmers, growers, and butchers within your region, you support the environment by saving on transportation costs.

It takes a lot of energy to transport goods from one city (or country) to another!

2. Preserve your food

You can make the entire process of preserving food into a fun activity!

For example, when tomato season rolls around, you can look up local farmers who let you pick tomatoes; you can stop by the farm with your family, friends, or loved one, and soak in some valuable vitamin D. After, you can use those tomatoes (and other produce from the farm) to make jars of salsa that you can store throughout the winter.

You can opt to preserve a variety of locally grown fruits and vegetables. Want to know how? Follow this link.

3. Grow your food

A garden can save you money while also benefitting the environment. How? Plants help to improve the air!

If you don’t have a backyard, you can opt to grow produce like kale, lettuce, carrots and tomatoes indoors, which may even help to freshen your air inside!

If you have an outdoor garden, you can harvest your vegetables, so you can have a supply of produce year-round.

4. Consume organic food

Organic farmers avoid the use of harmful chemicals and sprays, which helps to keep the soil healthy, and healthy soil works to eliminate air pollution. However, it may hard to find true organic supplements or produce, which is why we like to add reliable, organic products like Seagreens into our daily diet.

Seagreens produces organic products that are commonly used in everyday meals, like Seagreens Mineral Salt 100g and Seagreens Salad & Condiment 50g, both of these products help to boost the flavour in your meals, naturally.


5. Eat less meat

Several researchers note that meat production produces more emissions than any other food. However, it can be hard to consume less meat, especially if you rely on it for your protein source. Thankfully, there are a variety of organic, plant-based protein powders that can help to make the process of eating less meat a little easier.

You can opt to look into buying a protein powder from an all-natural brand that creates a variety of flavourful powders, like Sunwarrior.

If you love the flavour of chocolate, you may want to check out the Sunwarrior Classic Chocolate - 750g powder!




If you want to make your diet eco-friendly, but these suggestions seem too complex, you can always start with carrying your own bag to the supermarket, creating homecooked meals that can last a few days (helps to save energy), and buying a reusable water bottle instead of purchasing plastic water bottles every day. What's one eco-friendly consumption practice you'll get started with?

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