Five Ways to Fight off Inflammation

Five Ways to Fight off Inflammation

Inflammation is painful, annoying, and preventable, and the standard Western diet hardly helps to stave off swelling in the gut - alcohol intake, processed foods tend to harm your stomach lining. You may think that inflammation only affects your gut, but since there is a two-way connection between your brain and your microbiome, what you eat can also perpetuate anxiety and headaches! A poor diet, or consuming foods that your body may be sensitive too, may also lead to pain in your joints and blemishes in your skin.

If you look back to the first sentence, we said, “Inflammation is painful, annoying, and preventable”. That’s right; there are ways to fight off inflammation!

Track your food sensitivities

If you always have to bend over in crippling pain, you may want to start eliminating foods to see which ones your body can handle and which ones instigate swelling. If you think you may have a sensitivity to dairy, when you wake up in the morning, start with a glass of milk and see how your body reacts, or eat a couple of bites of plain bread. It’s essential to record everything you eat with notes on whether your body can handle certain foods or not. This method may take a few tries, but in the end, you will have a general idea of what your body can and cannot handle.

It is also essential to get blood tests if you believe you have an allergy!

Add more herbs and spices to your dishes

Not only do spices add flavour, but they contain anti-inflammatory properties. One source lists turmeric, ginger, cayenne, cinnamon, rosemary, and sage amongst the herbs and spices that can help to reduce inflammation.

Pay attention to your diet

Are you consuming a lot of processed or fast food? Do you drink a lot of alcohol? These things may be working to deteriorate your stomach lining, and when the line in your gut thins, “harmful microbes” may “invade your stomach and intestines, leading to infections and illness”. By replacing your fast food and refined sugar tendencies with whole foods and a more plant-based diet, your stomach lining may have a chance to heal! Healthline suggests consuming foods loaded with fibre like broccoli, carrots, apples, beans, and oatmeal, as well as chicken and fish.

Ingest probiotics

If you frequently read our blog posts, you are likely well aware of our love for probiotics. You can ingest probiotics via all-natural supplements with reputable products like Lifestream or sauerkraut, kimchi, yoghurt, and kombucha are also viable options.

Stay aware of your mental health

This is easier said than done, but health experts claim that inflammation is sometimes influenced by stress. One source claims, “when you’re stressed out all the time, you’re also producing more of the hormone cortisol—inflammation’s BFF.” However, you can reduce stress by meditating, walking, exercising, and getting more sleep. If you have trouble sleeping, you can try simple things like avoiding screens before bedtime, moving around more during the day, and replacing junk food with nutritious meals.

Inflammation can be uncomfortable, but you can prevent it from occurring, especially if you alter your diet, take the time to understand what your body can and cannot consume, and mindfully work to reduce your stress levels. You can also try flossing more -  one source says that sometimes harmful bacteria in your mouth can leak into your body and cause inflammation. How do you work to fight off inflammation in your gut?

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