Can Kale Enhance Your Sex Life?

Can Kale Enhance Your Sex Life?

Kale contains a plethora of benefits, but some of the superfoods’ nutritional properties may be a remedy for a specific aspect of your life, an area that you probably have never associated with kale.

Research states that if you are tired of listing reasons for why you are not in the mood for reciprocating your partner’s sexual desire, you may have adrenal fatigue or low libido. This is where a neighbourhood superhero, in the form of a green leaf, comes to boost your physical, intimate desires, while also enhancing the health of your sex organs.

A website dedicated to adrenal fatigue lists the seven common symptoms, which include consistent tiredness throughout the day, salty food cravings, and difficulty rolling out of bed in the morning - no matter when you went to sleep. Adrenal fatigue also causes your hormones and neurotransmitters to decrease. Kale will help to increase your energy levels while supporting your blood sugar levels and balancing your hormones which, in turn, will help to heighten your sex drive. The superfood also contains magnesium which aids the production of neurotransmitters and sex-related hormones.

The powerful food is packed with vitamins A and C, and it also contains vitamin B6, potassium, and chlorophyll, all of which will help to boost your sexual desires.

Vitamin A specifically targets your sex organs and is necessary for healthy reproduction. A lack of a vitamin A may cause the ovaries and testicles to become shrivelled, withered, and sterilised.

Kale hosts a significant amount of vitamin C, which supports the metabolism of the adrenal gland - one part of the adrenal gland, the adrenal cortex, unleashes a small number of sex hormones and steroids. Vitamin C also betters your body’s ability to digest iron, one source states that the “ iron in kale provides oxygen-rich blood to carry the nutrients and hormones that you need to your sex organs for pleasure and endurance.”

Vitamin B6, is essential when it comes to boosting your libido and increasing your sex-hormone production, whereas chlorophyll can help to increase your flexibility (would you ever deny the chance to heighten your flexibility?). Lastly, the potassium in kale works to improve your desire for sex.

If you are wanting to enhance your sex drive, or reap in the general benefits kale has to offer, you may want to consider checking out The Synergy Company Kale 65g Powder. The naturally harvested product boasts many benefits, such as the powder will better your liver, skin, bones, and its lutein and zeaxanthin will help your eye health.

Kale or some refer to it as, “The Queen of the Greens” is truly a heroic, royal superfood that will help improve your overall wellbeing and health. You can use the kale powder in summer-fresh smoothies, if you have kale leaves, you can mix them into a salad, or if you are looking for a healthy alternative to potato crisps, you can purchase (or make) kale crisps! There are so many ways to bask in the benefits of “The Queen of the Greens”.

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