Discover Beauty Benefits of Natural Silica

Discover Beauty Benefits of Natural Silica

Benefits of Mineral Silica for the Skin

Silica is a mineral found naturally in the earth, derived from a common type of mineral quartz. There are high levels of silica present in the body, but as time passes, the amount of silica in people’s tissues starts to decrease. This essential mineral is much needed for our body, supplying our cells with crucial nutrients. No other mineral can bind 300 times its weight in water and we are aware that is extremely important in anti-aging skin care. So how exactly can you reap the benefits of silica in your everyday life?

Benefits of Silica Products

All the benefits of this mineral can be found in Qsilica Skin Care products. Qsilica products contain vitamins and natural antioxidants that promote elasticity and promote smoother looking skin. Qsilica is a market leading skin, nails and hair supplement in Australasia, launched in 2006. Their capsules and gels were created to promote ‘Beauty from the Inside Out’ through the strong and healthy skin, nails and hair.

If you want a fresh, moisturized, and toned skin,  Qsilica multi award-winning foaming cleansing gel is a must have. This remarkable natural cleanser contains coconut oil, a powerful moisturizer which helps restore dry or flaking skin. Coconut oil strengthens skin tissue while rapidly absorbing into your skin. Vitamin E protects your skin cells from damage as you age, and  jojoba seed oil keeps the skin hydrated and protecs it from drying. It also balances the skin's natural oil production.

We all have heard people saying that the neck is exposing the women’s age. So, if you need to boost the radiance and vitality of your face and neck, Qsilica has the perfect product. This moisturizer contains natural vitamin A, which protects and clarifies the skin. Additionally,  vitamin E from macadamia Oil and sunflower Oil provides antioxidants and revitalizes the moisture levels, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The mineral silica here keeps your skin elasticity and healthy collagen levels.

Silica can be taken orally as well, which is recommended if you want to strengthen your hair and nails. These supplements contain biotin, a clinically researched nutrient, which strengthens your nails if they are prone to breaking and splitting. Silica is an essential mineral when you're faced with hair loss and can help your hair grow stronger and faster. Similarly, Silica will nourish you nails, too, helping to strengthen them and provide the nail bed with the important nutrients. 

Silica is also perfect if you need to completely detoxicate your skin. It's contained in products that refresh, clarify, and cleanse the skin. There are Qsilica products supporting skin prone to blemishes from the inside and out. These products containing Silica help regenerate the skin and delay the aging process.

The Qsilica Skin Care range was commended in the inaugural FreeFrom Awards in London, with Qsilica Remove Make Up and Grime Cleansing Gel taking the top honors by claiming both Gold and Overall winner in the face and skincare categories. Qsilica One-A-Day Tablets received the joint award of ‘Best Supplement’ in the annual Janey Lee Grace Platinum Awards, which celebrate integrity and quality in the natural health industry. If you'd like to treat your skin to this potent natural beauty booster, try the 3 for 2 promotion to explore the full range!

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