6 Ways to Relax Naturally (No Meds Needed!)

6 Ways to Relax Naturally (No Meds Needed!)

Dr Selye is the mastermind who introduced the world to the idea of the fight-or-flight response. During a fight-or-flight response, your body works to reach a state of homeostasis by releasing hormones that will battle stress quickly. Your body wants to react swiftly so that it can return to homeostasis. However, Selye claims that the body does not have enough energy to combat stress continuously; therefore those who suffer from copious amounts of stress may not be able to resist it as effectively as one who encounters the fight-or-flight response less often.

There are a variety of factors that may instigate feelings of stress: diet, lifestyle, chronic pain, relationship problems, and the list goes on. However, when your body triggers the fight-or-flight response, and no external factors are signalling for this response, that is a sign of an anxiety disorder.

It doesn't have to be this way! Let’s take a look at the six ways that you can relax naturally without the help of medicine:

1. Don’t shy away from play

When was the last time you said, “I’m going to play with my friends”? You were probably a young, spirited, innocent ten-year-old who spent afternoons swinging on swings, playing schoolyard games or in some make-believe world with your favourite comrades. Some scientists believe that taking a small amount of time out of your daily schedule to play will help you to relax.

The editor of the American Journal of Play, Scott G. Eberle, says when you play, “you find surprise, pleasure, understanding — as skill and empathy — and strength of mind, body, and spirit.”

Play doesn’t necessarily mean you have to run around the playground for three hours a night; it means taking part in things that you do for pure enjoyment, which may be something as simple as knitting, walking your dog, finger painting, or hanging out with friends!

2. Practice the art of reframing your thoughts

More and more people claim to suffer from an anxiety disorder, which may take time, effort, and counselling to combat. When you have anxiety, it can be painstakingly tough to learn how to distinguish real thoughts from destructive, annoying, terrifying thoughts, and your ability to relax may suffer.

There are a few different ways to practice reframing your thoughts, but one way is to challenge whichever negative, stressful image is developing in your head. As the thoughts form, try to combat it with honest, positive thoughts.

A cynical thought may sound like, “What if my mothering abilities influence my child to live a troubled, haunted life?”. When you catch yourself thinking negatively like this, you may want to try and reflect on why you believe you are incapable as a mother and see if you can find any truth to your thought. After that, it may be beneficial to turn your negative thoughts into something positive - think of all of the ways you are working to ensure that your child will grow up to be happy and healthy!

Overcoming an anxiety disorder may be difficult to do, but working on replacing your negative thoughts with positive ones may help to reframe and relax your mind. 

3. Engage in light exercise

Simple exercises like walks around nearby streets, stretching, jumping jacks, dancing to your favourite songs will all help to propel your brain to release endorphins, which can elevate your happiness and stave off stress. The less stress there is in your body, the better you will be able to sleep!

Everyday Health recommends activities like yoga, tennis, Tai Chi, dancing, gardening as some of the best exercises to reduce the levels of stress in the body.

4. Eat healthy foods

Your adrenal glands release stress-response hormones like cortisol, adrenaline, and noradrenaline. The adrenal glands are affected by blood sugar levels, which can perpetuate stress. Some foods can help balance your blood sugar levels, therefore keeping stress at bay, like oatmeal, salmon, blueberries, avocado, cashews and so much more!

Consuming copious amounts of junk food may perpetuate swelling in the brain, which can induce anxiety and depression.

5. Step outside

It may seem self-explanatory, but researchers claim that “step outside” is more than just a common phrase. When you are outside, your body is soaking in valuable doses of vitamin D, which boasts of several health-related benefits, one being that vitamin D can help to elevate your mood.

If you want to sleep better, it is essential to spend some time in the natural light, doing so will balance how much melatonin your body releases. The pineal gland - the part of the brain that generates melatonin - is awakened when darkness replaces daylight.

Fresh air also helps to balance your blood pressure!

6. Try out some essential oils

Essential oils come from the Earth’s resources, and their natural properties can help to improve your overall wellbeing in many areas, such as diminishing stress and igniting feelings of relaxation.

There are three essential oils which are valuable when it comes to combating stress:

  • Organic Lavender Oil positively impacts the nervous system, making it a bonafide choice for those who have difficulties falling asleep.
  • Organic Mandarin Oil can be used to restore anxiety and quiet nerves. The potent oil can help those who have epilepsy!
  • Organic Vetiver Oil gives off a delightful earthy fragrance. The essential oil aids those who have problems falling asleep, while also assisting in nerve health.

If you’re looking for an on-the-go, all-natural remedy for inducing relaxation and combating stress, you may want to consider checking out  AromaStick Natural Inhaler Relax. The robust product contains the three oils listed above, and it underwent a series of experiments to test its legitimacy. The results highlighted how AromaStick Natural Inhaler Relax could help to lower blood pressure!

Selye states, “Every stress leaves an indelible scar, and the organism pays for its survival after a stressful situation by becoming a little older”. It is essential to keep in mind how stress can influence weight gain and various illnesses and diseases, but doing little things like stepping outside for 20 minutes, or eating oatmeal for breakfast instead of foods that are high in refined sugar can help to lower stress and promote higher levels of relaxation.

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