6 Ways to Balance Your Body and Mind, Naturally

6 Ways to Balance Your Body and Mind, Naturally

Some days it may be difficult to find your wellness equilibrium, where you feel as if your body, soul, and mind are in sync with one another. Days, where you have total balance, are golden gems, but it is possible to find the perfect synchronicity between your body and mind on “off” days as well!

Uncovering your wellness sweet spot can be influenced by your surrounding environment, what you put into your body, and how much sleep you get each night. Outer factors and internal factors can throw off your goal for total wellness.

For example, if you think a negative thought, that thought can send signals into your body and disrupt its natural flow - a string of negative thoughts may cause stress which can directly affect the body, possibly causing a bout of sickness or more detrimental illnesses if the stress continues for long periods of time. Or if you have poor nights of sleep every night, you may hurt your search for optimal balance.

The connection between your mind and body is a beautiful, mysterious entity, but the fact that the mind can influence the body shows that you can remedy your stresses, pains, and internal restlessness with slight lifestyle changes.

Here are six external and internal suggestions on how to find balance in your body and mind:

1. Free yourself from emotional hurts

It is natural for many of us to harbour painful memories of hurt, which may continue to influence our way of thinking without us even realising it. One source suggests examining which moments, emotions, feelings from the past are still hurting you in the present day, and then they recommend journaling your thoughts. There are many benefits to recording your daily thoughts, dreams and expressing emotions of anger and hurt.

When you journal, you can recognize which outer and inward factors are triggering your fears and harmful disturbances; you may naturally feel the need to talk to yourself positively after spilling out and connecting with your emotional pain; one source highlights that journaling can “interrupt negative thought patterns” and help your mind travel to more positive thoughts.

Journaling can help you to uncover more about yourself and how your mind works, which may strengthen and quicken your journey to total wellness.

2. Spend some time reading

Since your mind and body are connected, it may be beneficial to spend some engaging in literature. Reading can enhance your mind and ways of thinking, while also propelling creative thought. One website reveals that reading helps to lower feelings of stress and anxiety, and it can improve your sleep!

Taking the time to let your mind travel to story-land may guide you toward moments of self-discovery. A character may say or think something that triggers a memory, fear, hurt that provides you with an exciting perspective or revelation, or a character could help you to uncover feelings of exuberant joy that open emotions of positivity.

Reading can also help you to have a new attitude toward others - co-workers, those prevailing in the margins of their city or country, a life in developing countries, or how you see close friends, family, and loved ones. Opening a book can introduce you to feelings of empathy as well as a fresh outlook on yourself and others, which may help you to uncover wellness equilibrium.

3. Be kind to your body

Being kind to your body includes engaging in exercise, whether that be 20 minutes a day, a walk in the fresh air, yoga, or moving around in between long periods of sitting. Not only will your body thank you for treating it with love and respect, but your mind will too! It is essential to remember that how we manage our mind may directly affect our body, and vice versa - everything is connected. Therefore, moving your body around may help to release endorphins, boost feelings of self-worth, and exercise may induce neurogenesis, all which are connected to your mind.

If you treat your body to more vegetables, whole foods, and less refined sugar, your body will rejoice, and your mind may feel a little clearer and sharper!

4.  Listen to your spirit

One source identifies the spirit as the everlasting soul that can influence the body and the mind. They say that “The primary purpose of the spirit body is to grow and evolve. While it can’t be destroyed, it can be morphed, shifted and changed.” Reportedly, one of the best ways to connect with your spirit is through creative and joyful activities like dancing, listening or playing music, cooking, gardening, knitting, or pottery. It may be essential to examine what makes you happy and try engaging in those hobbies as much as possible!

Connecting with your spirit can help you to discover and bask in the passions that draw feelings of delight, and joy, which may positively impact your body and mind.

5. Walk around barefoot

You may want to step outside without shoes before the winter snow replaces the warm summer air. Walking around the outdoors barefooted may help your body and mind to develop total wellness. Researchers reveal that touching your toes to Earth’s floor may boost antioxidants, lower inflammation, and help you sleep better! The source claims that connecting your skin with the dirt is due to the “relationship between our bodies and the electrons in the earth and the planet’s own natural charge”.

Spending time outside will also boost your vitamin D intake which can help with sleep, and - fun fact - may help to remedy IBS!

6. Use holistic remedies

Essential oils can help you to find inner balance and synchronicity.

Organic cypress oil encourages perspiration, which pushes the body to remove unwanted toxins and additional salt. Sweating can act as a natural detoxifier.

Another oil that may assist your journey to optimal wellness is organic geranium oil. This oil promotes urination, resulting in the removal of toxins. Organic geranium oil can also help to balance hormones.

Organic ginger root oil works to stabilise sugar levels, lessen the pain of menstrual cramps and can assist the body in eliminating useless gas. The oil also has anti-inflammatory and aphrodisiac properties.

If you feel flustered and unsteady, you may want to check out AromaStick Natural Balance - a product that is purpose-made to help you uncover your inner strength, confidence, and total wellness. This on-the-go commodity boosts of 100% essential oils (the ones listed above).

Finding total balance is a worthwhile adventure because your mind, body, and soul are interconnected and can influence one another. Many sources claim that simple things like smiling more, expressing feelings of thankfulness, and focusing on breathing can all help you to achieve optimal wellness!

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