5 Vegan Personal Trainers You Should Start Following Today

5 Vegan Personal Trainers You Should Start Following Today

Keeping fit and healthy while following a plant-based diet can be challenging, but these fitness pros make it look effortless. Meet our favourite vegan fitness professionals that will inspire you to set bigger goals for your health and fitness  - and never, ever give up. 

Paul Kerton

Paul’s love affair with fitness started over 25 years ago. As a kid, he didn’t have the confidence to stand up for himself so he enrolled at a local Karate class. Seeing results of the training, he was hooked, eventually becoming an instructor himself.

From there, he turned to other martial arts and eventually, strength training. Now, his focus has turned to health and longevity. He’s been fully vegan since 2012, initially for health reasons but eventually, he noticed the terror of animal farming, too.

Paul has gained a lot of respect as a vegan fitness Youtuber - check out his channel here


Lucy Howlett

Lucy is a vegan trainer and yoga teacher who wants to provide an accessible, fulfilling and fun training offer to people from all walks of life. We love her holistic approach to fitness that's focused on overall wellbeing, not just being in shape.  

Take a look at Lucy's blog for simple, delicious and wholesome vegan recipes.

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Azad Singh

Azad started out as a skinny kid, and it was originally his father who pushed him to work out "to add some size".

Fitness has always been his passion so he decided to use my skillset and expertise to do something to help others achieve their goals. Two years ago Azad became a vegetarian and later, vegan. He especially focuses on training vegetarians, vegans and people with special diet requirements and intolerances: gluten free, lactose free, halal and kosher.


Pola Pospieszalska

Pola is a high end body transformation coach who believes that “changing your body will change your life”. She’s a dedicated vegan and her blog provides an endless source of inspiration for healthful and delicious plant-based meals. You can also follow her on Instagram for an inside view of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle - and look good while doing it!

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Nicola Rowe

Nicola founded Actively Alive to help individuals in their own journey to strategic weight management through positive and inspiring coaching. Taking the initial process away from food and to understand their life to get to the route of their potential eating initiators.

Nicola believes that food shouldn’t be treated as a punishment, nor as a reward. She wants us to learn to live, love and support our bodies through nourishing fuel. 

Fasted cardio ✔️ Top tip to pass time if your ever doing LISS in the gym. 1⃣ Find a youtube vlogger you love, whether it's fitness/health or anything you love and use the time to broaden your knowledge. I always watch @veganfamilytv or @simeonpanda they both add massive value to my training and lifestyle! I practice intermittent fasting and @veganfamilytv inspire me on that front and their expansive knowledge and @simeonpanda although male really inspires me in my training aspect of life. There are plenty of others but I'd say these are my top 2 for now! But top tip if you need something light hearted and you haven't seen it, head over and check out @healthychefsteph + @chessiekingg 2 Peas in a Bod; Yoga challenge. It reminds me of something me and my sisters would do and if it doesn't make you laugh I don't really have anything else for you aha!! 👊🏻 #transformationtuesday #girlgain #edrecovery #transformation #bootygoals #gains #girlswholift #vegains #veganlife #veganfitness #veganuk #gym #fitspo #fitness #bodygoals #abs #fitfamuk #mealprep #macros #bikinibod #bbg #personaltrainer #happy #positive #healthy #eatclean #cleaneating #plantbased #vlog

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Have you worked with a personal trainer before? Even just following your favourite fitness professionals online can become a source of inspiration and motivate you to keep up with your healthy routine.

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