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  • 100% natural, plant-based biodegradable tea bags
  • A solid tea to combat your modern lifestyle
  • Clears out your overindulgences and refreshes
  • Smooth, delicate and delicious
  • Combines honeybush with the warmth of Ceylon cinnamon
  • Balanced with a touch of dried apple and rose petals
  • A naturopath approved formulation
  • Vegetarian and Vegan friendly
  • Naturally free from dairy, soy and gluten

Product Information

Cleanse Herbal Infusion is a delicious purifying tea that will help sweep away yesterday! Clear out the overindulgences and feel renewed with this 100%-natural naturopath approved formulation.

Only the highest quality, 100% natural, plant-based biodegradable tea bags encase this delicious herbal infusion, so you can have the confidence you’re making the right choice for your body!

Whether you’re feeling a little sluggish or had a moment of excess, this easy to drink tea will get you back on track!

Make it part of your morning ritual, and feel the difference as you power through your day! Alternatively, drink it before bed and give your body the advantage before the new day begins!

Brew your Cleanse Herbal Infusion as a hot beverage, or once brewed in boiling water, leave it in the fridge for a refreshing ice tea during those warmer months.

Cleanse includes a smooth and delicious combination of ingredients, including flaxseed, honeybush, roasted dandelion root, dried apple, liquorice root, Ceylon cinnamon, roses petals, calendula petals and ripe pu-erh tea.



Use one teabag per cup and steep for 3-5 minutes at 100°C (212°F).



Flaxseed*, Honeybush*, Roasted Dandelion Root*, Dried Apple*, Liquorice Root*, Ceylon Cinnamon*, Rose Petals*, Calendula Petals*, Ripe Pu-erh Tea*

*Certified Organic


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