The Synergy Company Kale Powder 65g Powder


    The Synergy Company Organic Kale Powder


    Kale is a popular green superfood, known as "The Queen of the Greens". Synergy Company uses a safe and pure freeze-drying process to preserve the plentiful health benefits of kale in a convenient form. Discover the "kale movement" and elevate your wellbeing with this potent superfood.



    Health Benefits of The Synergy Company Organic Kale Powder


    • Aids in healthy detoxification and supports the healthy functioning of the liver.
    • Supports healthy cells and DNA thanks to high levels of praised cruciferous compounds.
    • Nourishes the skin and promotes eye health.
    • Highly alkaline - helps to maintain a healthy pH balance.
    • A source of plant-based calcium, supporting healthy bones.
    • A valuable source of phytonutrients and antioxidants to enhance overall health and wellness.


    Why choose The Synergy Company Organic Kale Powder


    • Rich in highly valuable vitamins cruciferous compounds.
    • A rich source of vitamins A, K, calcium, and carotenoids.
    • Fully certified organic.
    • Guaranteed kosher and non-GMO.
    • Earthy, fresh-grown taste without bitterness.
    • 100% organic kale powder-free from fillers, sweeteners, or other artificial or harmful chemicals.
    • Grow in organically rich soils in North America and Europe.
    • Carefully harvested at the peak of potency and bioactivity to achieve maximum nutritional density.
    • Promptly freeze-dried using a gentle, patented process designed to retain healthful goodness and freshness.
    • Abundant in special compounds called glucosinolates, known for powerful detoxification properties and supporting cellular health.
    • Contains lutein and zeaxanthin, valued for their contribution to eye health.


    Synergy Company Organic Kale Powder combines & concentrates these countless benefits of kale and packs them into one simple serving of rich, green goodness. Try it today and discover the refreshing and energizing nourishment offered by "The Queen of the Greens".


  • Organic Kale Leaf Powder.
  • 1.4 g (1 heaping teaspoon)

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