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Snor-rinG Sterling Silver Size M


  • You can't put a price on a good night's sleep The Natural Alternative using Snor-rinG©, the only Anti Snoring Ring applying UK patented technology tested by the NHS that helps reduce your snoring symptoms.

    Snor-rinG is the only snoring ring available in the EU that is made from 925 Sterling Silver. If you have a snoring problem and are looking for a natural snoring solution that works with: No drugs. No nasal strips. No throat sprays. No embarrasing devices.

    Snor-rinG is the discreet natural alternative that's worn simply on your little finger.

  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • WHO CAN USE IT: All adults over 16. Use it anywhere - even when travelling on land sea or air. Please note: If you are Pregnant, breast feeding, or are under 16 years old - consult your GP before use. Not recommended for sufferers of acute sleep apnoea. For milder symptoms of sleep apnoea consult your GP before use. If you suffer from Argyria you cannot use this product without consulting your GP.