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Pukka Golden Preserve (Chywanaprash) 250g


  • A delicious organic blend with Honey, Amla Fruit & Cardamom.

  • Jaggery, Honey 7.7%, Ghee, Amla fruit 5.4%, Cardamon pods 1.2%, Ashwagandha root, Long Pepper fruit, Haritaki fruit, Malabar Nut leaf, Horse Purslane root, Gokshura fruit, Wild Aubergine fruit, Heart-leaved Moonseed stem, Indian Kudzu root, Aromatic Ginger root, Shatavari root, Nut Grass root, Bengal Quince fruit.
  • Taken every day Golden Preserve helps nourish and support your life. Golden Preserve can be used on its own, spread over bread, stirred into porridge or taken straight off the spoon. Try dissolving in warm milk or herbal tea for a heavenly satisfying drink. Ideal for children (5-12 years) just « teaspoon, taken twice a day.