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Lifestream Natures Multi Advanced 60 Capsules


  • Lifestream Nature's Multi Advanced is a daily multivitamin with a difference. Unlike a standard multivitamin, its ingredients are sourced entirely from wholefoods.

    Containing Quinoa Sprout powder, marine Calcium and Magnesium, Spirulina, Acerola and food based Selenium, it delivers the daily nutritional support required by many to maintain health and wellbeing. These wholefood vitamins and minerals are packaged by nature, with the supporting co-factors, enzymes, fibre and plant phytonutrients present that improve bioavailability.

    Lifestream Nature's Multi Advanced is therefore the daily all-natural choice for health conscious people who want to give their body a complete blend of highly concentrated food designed for maximum absorption.

    Standard multivitamin supplements focus on being high potency. These may contain more of the actual vitamin, however less of that vitamin may actually be getting absorbed and utilised by the body, compared to the natural food form of the vitamin. Natural wholefood vitamins are, in comparison, very low potency and more closely resemble the quantities we consume and utilise naturally. Lifestream deliver the natural vitamin in its bioavailable food complex - truly natural and effective nutrition, free from the usual vitamin excipients and fillers.

    This 100% premium wholefoods multivitamin formula contains the A-Z of vitamins and minerals, and is 100% vegetarian and vegan, free of gelatin, artificial additives, fillers, colours and sugars, and free from all genetically engineered ingredients. Non-synthetic, free from any synthetic vitamins or excipients.

  • Quinoa sprout powder 200mg (Vitamin B-complex), Marine Magnesium 100mg, Lithothamnium calcareum sea vegetable 100mg (Calcium), Bioactive Spirulina 75mg, Malpighia glabra (Acerola - Vitamin C) equiv. to fresh fruit 1.25g, Selenium yeast 25mg, vegetarian capsule (hydroxyl propyl methyl cellulose and water), rice starch, magnesium stearate, silica (anti-caking agents)
  • Adults and Children 12+: Take 2 capsules daily. Children 6-12 years: Take 1 capsule daily. The capsule can be opened to consume the powder mixed with food or drink.