Expired - zk'in Lotion Rebalancing 50ml

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  • Astonishingly light and specifically designed for oily or combination skin types Rebalancing Lotion lives up to its name. Key ingredient EPS Selamat has been clinically proven to mattify skin, reducing shine within our hour of use and lasting through until the end of the day. Also featuring Australian superfood organic Macadamia oil, the closest match to our skin's natural sebum, it won't clog pores and aids in skin hydration. Scented with organic Frankincense as it is renown for its scar healing and unique anti-inflammatory properties. So fight that "less than fresh" feeling associated with skin shine, and find balance with this lotion, suited to teens, oily or combination skin types or women in their 50s going through hormonal changes. Join British Beauty blogger Charlie who recently wrote "My skin loved it and stayed matte pretty much all day, which is normally unheard of"


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