Australian Bush Flowers - Solar Logos Essence - 10ml

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Activates the light of the Soul within us, enabling us to then access the divine on a personal level.
Opens our heart and mind allowing the Christ Consciousness to more readily enter.
Allows our Soul to connect with the source of all Light.
Brings light, love and spiritual power, into our bodies, hearts and minds.
Manifests the seed of creation within us.
Helps us to understand the nature of the divinity that is within us, allowing us to accept our God nature.
Opens our heart to the wisdom that is deep within us.
Ignites our heart flame.
Integrates the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within us.
Helps bring about the dissolution of all the emotional and spiritual pain that has gathered in the bodies, hearts, and minds of the human race.
Brings awareness of, as well as the information from, our Akashic records.

Preparation of Dosage Bottles
Place seven (7) drops of Stock Essence into a 15ml dropper bottle or fourteen (14) drops into a 30ml dropper bottle filled with 1/3 brandy and 2/3 purified water.

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