Adult Amber Necklace ~7yrs+ by Nature's Child


You may find your child still wanting to wear their Amber Necklace once the baby years have passed. You may also have been admiring one for yourself! I personally like to recommend them for pregnancy and motherhood – after all, don’t we need calming as well!

This longer and larger bead size necklace is fit for a 7yr old or Adult. I wear one one around my neck and I double one over around my wrist as a lovely bracelet.

If you have tried looking in Jewellery stores for Amber you may be shocked by the prices so we are really thrilled to have secured this price and style for our Nature’s Child Babies as they grow up!

The beads are solid and significantly larger than a baby necklace. It’s a piece of solid jewellery that looks beautiful and makes you feel beautiful. Available in 2 colours – this one is cognac (dark honey) but you can also view the Mixed Colours which are super popular in Australia.

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