Expired - zk'in Exfoliator Clarifying 100ml

Please Note: This product shelf life expired April 2020

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Described by a leading beauty blogger as smelling like "a delicious espresso, with a sumptuous undercurrent of? well? Terry's Chocolate Orange" you'll want to use Clarifying Exfoliator just for the smell alone - seriously it's that good!

Oat kernel flour and coffee seed powder help slough off dead skin and impurities while the high aloe vera content makes this formula hydrating as well as exfoliating. Skin is left feeling polished yet not overstimulated. The caffeine from the coffee beans helps alleviate puffiness and redness, improving capillary tone.

Zero micro-plastics ensure waterways are protected, plus an intriguing sustainability story makes this the ultimate beauty treat.

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