The Synergy Company Pure Synergy 270 Capsules

  • The Synergy Company Pure Synergy Powder: The Green Superfood that Goes Far Beyond GREEN!

    60+ superfoods of absolute purity and potency; each one hand-selected for its extraordinary qualities. 



  • Synergized® Algae - Fresh freeze-dried, cold-dried or Refractance Window™ dried Pure Spirulina Crystals™*, Pure Klamath Crystals™*, Pure Chlorella™, Dunaliella*, Kelp*, Wakame*, Kombu*, Bladderwrack*, Dulse*, Laver*. Synergized® Phytonutrients & Enzymes - Fresh freeze-dried enzymatically active Sprouts of Millet*, Quinoa*, Broccoli*; Apple Fruit*; fresh freeze-dried Blueberry*, Raspberry*, Green Papaya Fruit*; natural plant-derived Enzymes (Amylase, Cellulase, Lipase, Protease). Synergized® Tonic Herbal Extracts & Asian Mushrooms - Mushroom Mycelia*: Reishi*, Shiitake*, Maitake*, Agaricus*, Cordyceps*. Tonic Herbal Extracts*: Astragalus Root*, Eleuthero Root*, Lycium (Goji) Berry*, Angelica Sinensis Root*, Schizandra Berry*, Bai-Zhu Atractylodes Rhizome*, Fo-Ti Root*, Paeonia lactiflora Root*, Rehmannia Root*, Codonopsis Root*, Licorice Root*, Jujube Fruit*, Poria*, Ginger Rhizome*, Tangerine Peel*, Polygala Root*, Ligusticum Wallichii Rhizome*. Synergized® Green Juices - Fresh freeze-dried or CO2-dried: juice concentrates of Wheat Grass*, Barley Grass*, Oat Grass*, Alfalfa Grass*; Spinach Leaf*, Parsley Leaf*, Kale Leaf*, Collard Leaf*. Synergized® Western Herbs - Fresh freeze-dried Nettle Leaf*, Red Clover Flower*, Skullcap Flower* and Leaf*, Burdock Root*, Ginkgo Leaf*, Yellow Dock Root*, Dandelion Leaf*; Rose Hips Fruit*.
    Synergized® Natural Antioxidants - Rosemary Leaf*, Clove Bud*, Sage Leaf. Other ingredients: Organic Vegetarian Capsule. * Certified Organic.
  • Pure Synergy offers the greatest health-enhancing benefits when used as a regular part of your daily diet. If you are using Pure Synergy for the first time, please begin slowly. We suggest starting with a serving size of 2 to 5 capsules daily and then gradually increasing to 18 capsules of Pure Synergy daily. Many people take their Pure Synergy first thing in the morning, and others take it throughout the day when they want extra nourishment and energy. Feel free to enjoy Pure Synergy as often as you like.

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