Lifestream Spirulina Balance 200 Tablets

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  • A superfood in a league of its own, Spirulina contains the richest and most complete source of nutrients found in any single food on the planet.

    New Generation Lifestream Spirulina is a carefully cultivated, high-quality strain of the blue-green micro-algae, aquatically grown in California to the most stringent standards. Tablets and capsules make it super easy to take; powder is also available to suit your preference.

  • 100% Bioactive Spirulina.
  • A 3 gram serving (6 tablets) of Lifestream Spirulina provides up to 16% of the NRV of Iron for Women aged 19-50 years, while a 5-gram serving will provide up to 27%. Lifestream Spirulina is an excellent natural iron source, especially when combined with a healthy, well-balanced diet of other iron-rich foods such as green leafy vegetables, seeds, molasses, beans and pulses, dried fruits, eggs and lean meats. For maximum iron absorption, 10 grams (20 tablets) of Lifestream Spirulina daily is recommended for one month, followed by a maintenance dose of 3-6 grams (6-12 tablets) daily.

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